9 Tips for Selecting Garden Furniture

Purchasing garden furniture can be overwhelming with the amount of choices available. From different styles to textiles and materials, there is a wide range of garden furniture available to suit every budget. Where do you start? This handy guide should form the basis of your purchasing decision.

How will you use your Garden Furniture?

Firstly, make a note on how you will be using your garden furniture. This will help you decide what materials you should look out for. For example, if you are looking for a seat and plan on moving it out to your front yard occasionally, a steel and wrought iron composition will not be the best option because of its weight. Also, consider how much time you want to spend maintaining your garden furniture? Bear the following in mind when deciding what material will suit your requirements best:

Rattan or resin weave is very lightweight and is easy to maintain. The material can survive all types of weather conditions so it can be left outside without having to worry about deterioration. Weave garden furniture is extremely popular and fashionable.

Wooden garden furniture tends to be traditional and timeless. Some maintenance is required to keep your outdoor wooden furniture in top condition so some re-staining may be required. It is essential wooden garden furniture is kept covered and stored away during the cold Winter months.

Metal garden furniture tends to be durable & modern. It is long lasting however it is advisable to treat with anti-rust solution. It is also advisable to store away during the winter.

Aluminium garden furniture may be a little more expensive to buy however it is light weight and weather resistant. This furniture is low maintenance and very easy to clean.

Good Quality

Insist on good quality. We understand that you will have a certain budget in mind, but be aware that poor finishes and materials will not only look substandard, but the chances are the garden furniture will not last the whole year. Picking out good quality garden furniture from a reputable garden furniture specialist will pay off in the long run as your furniture will look good and last a lot longer.

Size does matter

Whilst you do not want oversized garden furniture in a small space consider the opposite. Some garden furniture is too skimpy and narrow making it uncomfortable when trying to relax for any length of time. Some furniture is low to the ground making it a nightmare to get yourself out of, this could be the recipe for an embarrassing situation, especially for the more mature person. When shopping for your garden furniture, sit down, relax and test the items you are thinking of purchasing.

It’s not all about the Sun

We all imagine sitting outside using out new garden furniture on a hot summers day, however this can be uncomfortable. Sure, in the UK we may not have the sunniest weather but when we do get some good, clear nice days, sitting out in the heat is uncomfortable. Consider purchasing an umbrella or gazebo if this is not included with your set. You will be thankful of the shade!

Garden Furniture


You want your garden furniture to be flexible to get the best possible use out of it. Consider a standalone umbrella so you can move it from place to place. If space is a factor, how about an extendable table which will not look out of place when you are using it every day but can be extended to accommodate larger family gatherings.

Everyone loves a Bargain

This is true and self-explanatory. Here at Hilltop Garden Centre we are proud of our competitive pricing. We also have a wide range of garden furniture available on offer so head on over to our On Sale section and check out the bargains.

Big Sale

Style is Important

We all have our own styles and tastes and this should be reflected in our garden furniture. It is however important to ensure your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space so some sort of continuity looks best.


If you are truly going to appreciate and make the most out of your garden furniture, you are going to want it to be comfortable. Avoid puny, tiny cushions or fabric that does not feel nice to touch.

Attention to Detail

You want to be completely happy with your purchase so pay attention to the small details most people overlook when deciding on garden furniture. Opt for furniture assembled using stainless steel screws if possible. Make sure you run your hands along wooden furniture to make sure they have been sanded smoothly. Ideally chair and table legs should have rubber or plastic feet so that they will not scratch your decking or patio area. Check that all the legs are solid and not wobbly.

We are here to help

If you are stuck for ideas, or want help in selecting some suitable garden furniture, send us a message and we will be happy to advise. Alternatively, pop on down to the garden centre and look at the various displays we have setup.