Which Garden Furniture is Best – Our Buyers Guide

When it comes to deciding which type of garden furniture is best, there are so many choices available to satisfy different tastes and budgets. With such a wide range of styles & materials available, choosing a stylish dining set for entertaining friends & family, a sun lounger to enjoy the summer sun or even a simple bench where you can sit and unwind after a hard day’s work should not be too difficult with our buyers guide.

Consider the Usage

This is probably key to your purchase. What are your plans for the garden furniture you are about to buy? Will you be using the furniture to relax, entertain? How often do you envisage using the furniture? Your answers will reflect the weight and size of the furniture, the style and material.

Consider the Space Available

You need to make the best possible use of your outdoor space. Measure the space you have available. If your garden is quite small, avoid the larger items. If you have a large garden, a small two-seater might look a little lost and may not add the “wow” factor or create a great impact. Try and select a style that fits in with your personality and create a flow from the interior of your house to your outside space.


Where do you plan to store your garden furniture when not in use? What about over Winter? If you are going to store your garden furniture in a garage or shed, how much space do you have available? Consider a set that can be folded or stacked to save space. If you are planning on leaving your garden furniture outside over the Winter months, ensure your garden furniture has been created using suitable material. It is also always advisable to cover your garden furniture when in storage.


All our outdoor garden furniture is made from high quality material however each have their own benefits to consider.

Rattan: Garden Furniture created using Rattan tends to be lighter than Metal and Wooden furniture. Rattan is easy to clean and low maintenance however it is advisable an anti-rust solution is used for the steel frames. There are two main types of Rattan furniture available, flat weave which is a more modern looking affordable option and round/half round weave. This gives the furniture a more traditional and luxurious look and feel. It is advisable rattan garden furniture is kept covered and stored away during the cold Winter months.

Which Garden Furniture is Best – Rattan

Wooden: Wooden garden furniture tends to be traditional and timeless. Some maintenance is required to keep your outdoor wooden furniture in top condition so some re-staining may be required. Other options are to paint the wood or treat it with oils so it remains fresh. It is essential wooden garden furniture is kept covered and stored away during the cold Winter months.

Which Garden Furniture is Best – Wooden

Metal: Metal garden furniture tends to be durable & modern. It is long lasting however it is advisable to treat with anti-rust solution. It is also advisable to store away during the winter.

Which Garden Furniture is Best – Metal

Aluminium: Aluminium garden furniture may be a little more expensive to buy however it is light weight and weather resistant. This furniture is low maintenance and very easy to clean. Storage is easy too as it can be left outside all year round.

Which Garden Furniture is Best – Aluminium

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