Crisp and current garden furniture a must for your outside space

In Britain we have a very unpredictable climate and warm sunny days are few and far between. As a Nation we do love to entertain outside. There is a desire in most of us to create an outdoor room with the space for us to eat and drink "al fresco". We try and make the most of the weather and space available, you only have to look at some of the city balconies and rooftop gardens we have created. So we have the space but do you struggle to find the right garden furniture which best suits your open space? Does your outdoor space match your way of life?

Investing quality time and energy in your outside space is imperative for us. Everyone needs no less than an hour or two of unwinding and entertainment a day. That is the reason sleek, comfy, advanced garden furniture is an absolute necessity to have. Picture having luxurious stylish garden furniture outside the pool or around a BBQ pit. A place where you can welcome friends over for dinner, or a gathering.

Garden furniture has changed considerably over the last few years. We are not talking about the old plastic, modest green furniture that was as wobbly as it was famous. Today you can combine the two zones – indoor and outside and make a wonderful vivacious space that will in a flash take you from your home to your outdoor haven. When you select your garden furniture, consider the style of furniture you have in your home. Consider a colours scheme that will match. You can have comfy pads and a chimney in your outside space too.

So then, how do we go about making an open air stimulating space, particularly one that can adapt to all that the English climate can throw at it?


The important thing here is to purchase your garden furniture and accessories from a reputable Garden Centre or supplier. They will stock the correct furniture for your outdoor space that will be designed and manufactured for outside use. There are various specialised garden centres that also offer home delivery on items, although it is also a good idea to see the furniture in person if you are local.

Shaded Areas

Shaded areas are essential for those rare warm sunny blissful days, after all you don't want to have to head back inside because your whole outside space is roasting and unbearably hot. A Gazebo or Pergola is a great way of keeping those sun’s rays at bay.

Suitable Seating

There is a huge range of outdoor seating available and depending on how you intend to use your outdoor space will depend on which type of seating will suit your needs. Dining Sets are great for luxury entertaining larger crowds whilst Bistro Sets are intimate and space saving. A relaxer chair is comfortable and as the name suggests, relaxing or if you are looking for a romantic spot, how about a Cassara Swing Set?


Rather than depending on your harsh security light to illuminate your garden, solar lights are great at providing more relaxed lighting. Twinkle lights, lanterns, the options are endless. For intimate soirées, tea lights and candles are great. You can even purchase scented ones that will keep the bugs away too. If you want to add further relaxing ambiance, water features are a great way of doing this.

Food & Drink

No outdoor gathering would be complete without a space to cook food and serve drinks. There are a huge range of traditional and gas BBQs available but there are some amazing BBQ pits available. We like the “Rowcombe House” Circular Brickwork Effect BBQ. These allow for intimate gatherings around the food and picture yourself roasting marshmallows after tucking into some tasty homemade burgers, all flame grilled with that BBQ flavour.

Combining the above elements will ensure that your outside space is a lot closer to being that perfect sanctuary that will flow from your house and will give you many hours of relax time.