Garden Furniture trends in 2017

As Autumn is approaching and we are heading into the final part of 2017, we thought it would be a good idea to write about the garden furniture trends of 2017 and perhaps a little insight into what we can expect in 2018.

As a garden furniture specialists, we have to use our experience, insight and a bit of guess work as to what will sell, become fashionable and furniture that customers will love. This all has to be done in advance. For example, we have already ordered around 95% of the furniture we plan to stock next year. Our ordering for 2018 reflects how our 2017 garden furniture sold. So what can we learn about the 2017 garden furniture trends?

Garden Dining Furniture

One of the biggest trends we have seen so far in 2017 is the sale of dining modulars. Our dining modular furniture outsold all other garden furniture we had in stock. This was contrary to what the furniture reps at shows were saying back in 2016. Their insight was that table and chair sets were the must have items. Let’s hope this trend continues as we have some new, exciting and stylish modular dining sets for 2018.

Garden Furniture trends in 2017

Rattan in, Wood out!

Rattan garden furniture is definitely in over wooden furniture. Why is that? Is it because Rattan furniture is easier to maintain? We personally think it is because it looks like you get a lot more for your money with Rattan. What do you think?


Mosaic bistro sets have been selling reasonably well. They are great for smaller areas and patios. They are also great for people that want quality garden furniture sets at a very affordable price.

Cushion Boxes

Our weave cushion boxes have proved to be very popular this year. We have already ordered a nice selection to go with next year’s furniture. Cushion boxes come in handy with modular sets as you have those extra cushions to plump up your set. It is always a good idea to make sure the cushion box is big enough to fit the cushions for the set you are buying. If in doubt, ask one of our experts in store or contact us online.


When it comes to colours it is all about personal taste, however as a garden furniture store we need to ensure that the colours we stock are popular with the majority of our customers. We tried a few items in purple. Not many as we weren’t sure they were right for us and our clients. We were right, grey was the colour this year. In all the trade shows we went to in 2016 and the beginning of 2017, grey was everywhere. As it is a neutral and modern colour that will go with almost any colour scheme, grey can be easily lifted by adding a bright and vibrant colour such as red or orange, for example in the form of scatter cushions and a parasol. It looks like grey is here to stay in 2018 so be prepared to see some new and exciting styles, in grey!

Online Sales

Our store and online trends were very similar. The main difference is that our Bari sets sold better online than in store and so did our pewter weave with pistachio cushions. Perhaps this was because we were selling a supremo brand at an extremely competitive price.

2017 was a great year for dining sets, in particular, grey dining modular sets. We expect this trend to continue into 2018. Check out our garden furniture range here. We also have some great online reductions here. Follow us on Facebook and we will post when our news 2018 range is available in store and online.