How to install pergola and gazebo lights

Pergolas and gazebos are a great addition to a garden. Not only do they offer shade and privacy, they also can offer some protection towards your garden furniture. Follow these simple step by step instructions and video and avoid the most common mistakes made.

Apart for the pergola or gazebo, you will need some outdoor lights, measuring tape and a staple gun.

Choose a pattern that will evenly spread the lights out. Using a measuring tape, measure along the path the lights will cover.

Get your lights and make sure they are long enough to cover the pattern based on the measurements you have taken. Untangle them and test to make sure they work.

Grab your staple gun and start with the point furthest away from your power outlet. Without stapling through the wires, staple the lights along the path you outlined. Make sure if the lights cross any doorways, they are not obstructing them so you can avoid any broken lights.

Garden Pergola

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Normally you will have to feed your light cable through a window to plug into your socket. If you have excess lights you can use them to ‘frame’ your window.

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