10 Tips For Designing Your Perfect Garden

1). Break up those open spaces

Separating your lawn into sections can give your garden an exciting, contemporary feel. Try incorporating curved borders and flowerbeds within your turf area to create a stimulating, flowing design.

2). Embrace colour

Colour is one of the most important aspects of any garden, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a range of colourful plants, foliage and furniture. As with any art project, it’s a good idea to select your colour scheme before you begin. You can then choose your plants and accessories to match. You can even carry your colour scheme through to your garden furniture, fence, shed and decking to really make your outdoor space shine!

Embrace colour

3). Incorporate your personality

Don’t just copy the latest trends or the experts on TV – They don’t always know best! make your garden your own by injecting YOUR personality into the design. This could be anything from the style of plants, garden furniture and accessories, to wall murals or animal feeders. Create the garden that fits your personality, no matter how unusual that may be!

4). Use a variety of textures

Using a variety of textures can add depth and style to your garden. Look for plants with different, but complementary textures. Also think about using other natural elements such as rocks and stones, wood and metal accessories, to provide symmetry, balance and depth to your garden.

5). Use garden art to add some panache

Use garden art to add some panache

Your garden is a canvas, so don’t forget to add some of that much needed art to really spice things up! Garden art is a fantastic way to inject your personality, so be creative and look for those unusual items that reflect your individuality. Remember one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

6). Include plenty of easy-to-grow plants

This is an important tip. You may have the prettiest plants and the best garden design, but a heatwave can very quickly turn your garden into an unwanted desert if you don’t choose your plants wisely! Incorporating a selection of hardy plants which can handle the unpredictable UK weather, will give your garden the best chance of thriving. And also give you less work to do!

7). Add colour and style with elegant pots and containers

Including a selection of potted plants in your design will add some additional style and colour to your garden. Remember your chosen colour scheme and look for stylish containers which match. An added bonus is that you can move these around your garden to add colour where it’s needed!

8). Include fruit and vegetables in your design

Include fruit and vegetables in your design

Some of the prettiest plants can be found when fruit bushes and vegetables are in bloom. People don’t always think to include these when designing a garden space, but they really can add a new dimension of style to your outside space. And who doesn’t love eating freshly picked fruit and vegetables?

9). Incorporate interesting objects

Don’t be afraid to incorporate unusual objects into your garden. We’ve seen examples of people using shells and stones from the beach as decorations, metal headboards as support for climbing plants, and old boots as flowerpots. Be creative and most importantly, have fun!

10). Create a relaxation space

Create a relaxation space

After all your hard work, designing and creating a fantastic garden, what a shame it would be if you forgot to include an area where you could relax and enjoy the space! Your garden is, most importantly, somewhere for you to relax and unwind. Make sure you include in your design an area where you, your family and your friends can enjoy all your hard work!

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