6 top tips for making the most of your garden during Autumn

As the leaves start to fall off the trees and the days start shortening, Autumn is a great time to start preparing your garden for the winter months. Whilst the temperature may start to drop, you can still make the most out of your garden during the dry evenings and weekends.

Hammocks & Hanging Chairs will keep you snug and comfortable. A Fire-Pit Set will provide warmth and the perfect setting to make the most of the colder evenings.

Whilst possessing quality garden furniture will allow you to enjoy your garden to the maximum, there are some chores/tasks that should be carried out in Autumn. We have put together our top 6 tips for making the most of your garden during Autumn.

Tip 1: Get the mower out

Whilst your grass will grow slower over the winter months, it will still grow. Mowing your lawn during the Autumn months will mean that you will not need to mow over winter, when lawns tend to become waterlogged or frosty. Mowing during the winter months will tend to damage your lawn, so it’s best to sort this chore out in Autumn.

Tip 2: Repair fences

When most people work on their garden, they tend to focus on the gardening tasks and boundaries are quite often neglected. Autumn is the perfect time to fix any issues with your fence before the harsher Winter weather arrives. Giving your fences the attention they require and a coat of paint or protective coating will ensure that they are robust and secure during the Winter months. The last thing you want is to wake up one Winter morning after a storm and find half your fence has been blown over, especially if your household has a dog!

Tip 3: Clean your tools

Cleaning your tools in Autumn will keep them in tip top condition for when you will probably next need them, in Spring. Remove any leaves on your greenhouse and clean the glass. This will enable as much light as possible to penetrate during the darker Winter months. Use this time to also clear out your shed, in order to make room to store your garden furniture, which brings us to tip 4.

Tip 4: Store your garden furniture

Whilst a lot of garden furniture is weatherproof and can be kept outside in Winter, it is always a good idea to store it if possible. This will protect the materials against the harsher elements and in the long run will mean that your garden furniture will last longer and will stay in pristine condition.

Before storing your garden furniture, give it a quick wipe down and ensure it is completely dry. If you are unable to fit all your garden furniture in storage, it is essential that you at least store any cushions and other soft furnishings. Consider purchasing weatherproof covers for anything you need to leave outside.

Tip 5: Unclog your drains

Winter tends to mean increased rainfall. That together with Autumn and fallen leaves can be a recipe for clogged gutters and drains. Remove any built-up debris in Autumn and clear up any Autumn leaves which fall on your lawn, patio, or paths in order to avoid trouble later.

Tip 6: Planting

Spring flowering bulbs need to be planted in September, however if you have missed this, anytime in Autumn will do. If you do not get those bulbs planted, you’ll miss out on those beautiful sunny colours come Spring.

The sun may not be out as much and it may be a lot cooler, however, it is easy to forget to keep your plants hydrated. Make sure you water your garden when it is not raining.

Protect vulnerable plants from frost and ensure any delicate plants and bulbs such as fuchsias are kept under cover during the Winter months. This will prevent them from dying. Cut them back to around half their height to remove leafy growth that would otherwise go mouldy in Winter. Dig them up, pot them and move them either indoors or in a heated greenhouse.

Whilst this final point is not really a gardening tip, it’s good to remember that birds and other wildlife find it more difficult to find food during Winter. Replenish any bird feeders.

As your local garden centre, come visit us and seek the advice from a qualified professional. We stock a wide range of gardening tools, plants and quality garden furniture.