7 mistakes to avoid when buying garden furniture

Spring is nearly here (thank goodness!) and before long we will start to think about our garden furniture. If you are planning on adding an extra touch this year to your garden by buying some new garden furniture, you should stop and think first. There are some mistakes that you should avoid when looking for the right furniture options. Otherwise, you could end up with furniture that either doesn’t last very long or is not fit for purpose. Here are ‘8 mistakes to avoid when buying garden furniture’.

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1. Size

Garden furniture size

The very first consideration you should make when buying garden furniture is the size. Just the same way you consider size for indoor furniture, garden furniture is just the same. While you may not have the same confines as your indoor space, it is still best to be safe and not sorry. Before going to look for what you will buy, you need to take measurements. Not taking into account the size of your garden furniture is one of the most common mistakes buyers make.

Find out the size of the space where the furniture will go. Then, when you are out exploring different furniture options, you can ignore the furniture that is too big. After all, you don’t it to arrive and find it doesn’t fit your outdoor space! Avoid this mistake by taking the time to measure your garden space first. Make sure you leave plenty of space so that everything is not crammed in either. If buying online, check the measurements of the furniture in the product details. Don’t forget to take your tape measure if buying in store.

2. Impulse buying Garden furniture impulse buying

You think you’ve found the perfect garden furniture. The design, colour, pattern, or style is perfect. You feel it couldn’t be any better and want it now! Without any further consideration, you buy it. Whether it’s online or in-store, impulse buying can be a big mistake to make when buying garden furniture. Not only does it create impracticalities, but without careful thought and consideration, you could come to regret your decision.

Taking your time to consider the options you have available, making sure the garden furniture is suited for your garden, and that it fits are all factors you should consider when buying garden furniture. Hoping for the best will only lead to disappointment in the end. You might not enjoy your outdoor space either if you don’t have well suited relaxing furniture.

3. Not considering your garden environment

Not considering your garden environment Another mistake you can make when buying garden furniture is not considering your garden environment. Remembering where you are going to place the furniture can often be overlooked. Is it going to be placed on the lawn? On your decking? Or the patio? Buying fabric furniture is not going to be ideal for the lawn. Choosing furniture with thin legs will end up slipping and sliding between your decking planks. With many different materials, such as wood, rattan, and plastic, this means you can still find a furniture option that is suited to your garden environment.

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It is also important to consider where your garden is situated. Gardens inland are not going to be exposed to salt winds, as with gardens by the sea. The salt can cause some rust and corrosion to metal furniture. It also depends on what may fall on the furniture. No matter where you put the furniture, there will always be something that will fall onto the furniture and need cleaning, whether it’s sap from a tree or the unpleasant droppings from birds. Considering stainless furniture is something you should also factor in.

4. Weather

As we all know, the weather can be very unpredictable. Sunny one day and raining the next. You need to take the typical weather into account when buying garden furniture. Consider everything that mother nature is going to throw at your nice new garden furniture. Rain, wind, frost, snow (if you’re lucky!). Choosing a durable and weather-proof furniture option will make sure it lasts longer.

While it is recommended you store your furniture during the colder months, not everyone will have space to keep their furniture locked away for that long. In most cases, the garden furniture will be sitting outside suffering. Even during the summer, you need to prepare for every contingency and make sure your furniture is weatherproof. Soggy cushions are not ideal. Even treated wood doesn’t last forever, especially not where regularly rain is an occurrence.

5. Wrong materials

Garden furniture wrong materials

Picking garden furniture that is the wrong material is another mistake to avoid. Garden furniture comes in a variety of materials. An important factor to consider is choosing a material that you know you can maintain. Wood will need treating and preserving, fabrics will need washing, plastics will need cleaning. You get the idea. Your furniture is not to be bought and left. It will need regular upkeeping.

You want the materials to be ideal for the usage you intend to get out of your furniture. Eating alfresco will warrant a material that is not going to stain. Spillages and food droppage will be an unavoidable occurrence making easily cleaned furniture the best choice. If comfort and relaxation is the plan, nice soft comfy furnishing will be ideal to sit back and bask in the sun. What could be better? Just make sure the fabric is UV protective to avoid the colours fading.

6. Choosing low cost over quality

When it comes to choosing garden furniture, going cheap is never the best choice. As tempting as it may seem to go cheap and save a few extra pounds, it could cost you more in the long run. With garden furniture, you get what you pay for. Scrimping and saving is not the way to go. Spending a bit more will give you good quality furniture that could last a lifetime (if treated well enough).

Cheap furniture is often made of cheap materials that are flimsy and can break very easily. Then, once the furniture breaks, you’ll no doubt set about replacing it again with more cheap furniture. In the end, you could end up paying more out. Buying replacements of cheaper furniture will cost more than getting good quality furniture in the first place and paying out that little bit extra. When browsing for your garden furniture, take the quality into account in your decision.

7. Comfort Outside comfort

Our last mistake to avoid when buying garden furniture is to make sure it is comfortable. Buying garden furniture that’s uncomfortable will mean you won’t use it as much as you should – What a waste of money, right? The furniture you buy inside your home will be comfortable and match your décor. The same goes for the furniture in your garden. Just because a piece of furniture looks great doesn’t mean it is going to be comfortable to sit on. 

The benefit here is when shopping around in-store, you can find out how comfortable the furniture is by testing it. Test out different furniture options to see which is comfortable. If you are buying online the only way you can tell is by checking out the product reviews to see what others have to say about comfort. Don’t just judge the furniture by the way it looks, otherwise you could end up buying furniture that you’ll never use.

Remember, buying garden furniture is not a 5-minute job. It takes time to evaluate the different options. Finding a furniture option that you will enjoy and get the most out of can help create the perfect outdoor space that you want to spend time in. Avoiding the mistakes above when buying your garden furniture will help save disappointment.