A guide to the different Christmas tree varieties

Christmas trees play a major role in our festive decor, so much so it’s hard to imagine not having a tree at Christmas. For those who prefer the real thing, there are many options you can choose from. Our guide covers the different varieties to help you pick the best tree for the festive season. 

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Christmas tree varieties

Nordmann Fir

One of the most popular tree varieties, the Nordmann Fir offers a quintessential and classic Christmas look. For those who regularly opt for a real Christmas tree, there’s a good chance it’s a Nordmann Fir. With such excellent characteristics, it’s not hard to see why people love this tree variety. 

The Nordmann Fir is characterised by its soft, dark green needles and soft, glossy feel. With strong and symmetrical foliage, decorating this kind of tree is a breeze! The branches are also stronger, allowing for more decoration weight. 

Another reason Nordmann Fir is such a popular choice of tree is its needle retention properties. Unlike other tree varieties, the needles on Nordmann Firs have a thick, waxy gloss. This helps retain moisture better, which means lower needle drop. 

The Nordmann Fir may be your ideal choice if you have a warm house or plan to embellish your tree with many decorations and Christmas lights. The needles are softer than other varieties, which may also be ideal for homes with children or pets. Nordmann Fir typically lasts longer, allowing you to put the tree up earlier. 

Norway Spruce

Another popular tree variety choice is the Norway Spruce. With long, dark, and shiny needles, many people opt for a traditional choice of Norway Spruce. This tree variety is recognisable by its long cylindrical brown cones with pointed green needles. 

Most Christmas trees in public spaces like shopping centres tend to be Norway Spruce. The biggest reason people opt for a Norway Spruce is the smell. With a strong pine scent aroma, you can enjoy a wonderful, rich, Christmasy smell that is truly unique. 

However, unlike the Nordmann Fir, Norway Spruce doesn’t have good needle retention properties. Without the proper care, the tree can drop a lot of needles. Properly looking after and caring for your Norway Spruce tree can help minimise the needles that drop. 

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Blue Spruce

For those who want to take a slightly different direction than the traditional green, the Blue Spruce may be for you. As the name suggests, this tree variety has a distinctive powder blue colouring (although it is possible to get green-coloured Blue Spruce trees). 

Its symmetrical growth and stiff needles also characterise the Blue Spruce variety of trees. While Blue Spruce does have some needle retention, it is likely to shed in a hot environment. Despite this, Blue Spruce trees have the best needle retention compared to other Spruce varieties. 

If the tree is not continually kept in a warm environment, you can benefit from the stiff and durable branches that support heavier decorations. 

Artificial Trees 

If you prefer an artificial tree for Christmas, we have many options! Here are some of the choices available: 

Lodge Slim Pine 

The first choice of artificial tree is the Lodge Slim Pine. This tree comes in 150cm and 240cm varieties, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your home. These slim trees are elegant and perfectly encapsulate the look of real trees. 

The needles come in blue-green with dense, lush foliage, perfect for your festive decorations. The tree has a metal swivel stand and hinged branches, making it easy to store and keep for future Christmases! 

Spruce Pine 

The Spruce Pine is another choice of artificial Christmas tree and is perfect for those with limited space. Coming in a realistic green foliage, the tree stands 2m tall and 56cm wide. With wrapped branches and a folding metal stand, assembly and storage is easy. 

Silver Tipped Pencil Pine Tree 

Another choice for those with limited space is the Silver Tipped Pencil Pine Tree. With a pencil shape of only 200x53cm, this tree is ideal for even the smallest rooms. It also comes with a glittery silvery colour that encapsulates the look of snow. This tree also has wrapped branches and a folding stand, making assembly and storage easy. 

Imperial Pine Tree 

The Imperial Pine Tree is available in green and snowy colours. It comes in sizes of 120cm for smaller rooms and a larger 240cm for larger rooms. Like the other trees above, the branches are hinged and come with a sturdy metal stand. 

Sunndal Fir Frosted Tree 

For those who want a frosted tree that perfectly mimics the look of a snowy tree, the Sunndal Fir Frosted tree is the ideal artificial tree choice. The tree comes in 180cm and 210cm sizes. With a truly realistic design and effortless assembly, you can enjoy a hassle-free putting up the tree. 

Imperial Pine 

The Imperial Pine in white moves away from the traditional colours of a Christmas tree, providing you with a complete white colouring to create a truly white Christmas. This tree is also easy to assemble, and features hinged branches and a metal base stand, making decorating the tree all the better. The Imperial Pine in white is available in 150cm and 240cm. 

Alison Pine Tree 

The Alison Pine tree is lighter in colour and looks identical to a real tree. Also, the spaced branches allow for quicker assembly and easier decorating. The tree also comes with a folding metal stand. 

Ipswich Pine Tree 

The Ipswich Pine Tree is our last pick of artificial trees and is perfect for incorporating a rustic and natural feel to your Christmas decorations. Comes with a dusting of fake snow without the worry of any needles dropping. Pinecones and berries also decorate the tree. 

Tree Skirts 

Consider dressing it up with a tree skirt for the finishing touches to your Christmas tree. So many different styles are available, giving you the choice to pick one that matches your decorations. Pick from a cosy blanket, box, rattan, or metal tree skirt. 

We hope our guide to the different tree varieties makes it easier to decide on the right tree for your Christmas decorations. If you want a real Christmas tree this year, stay tuned on our Facebook page for an announcement when our trees arrive in store.