The flowers you should start planting now ready for summer flowering

Another year and another gardening season is fast approaching. Before we know it, the summer will be here bringing the glorious sunshine and the opportunity to spend quality time out in the garden. While January is a relatively quiet month in the gardening calendar, there are still some plants you can start to sow seeds indoors and plant ready for summer flowering. Let’s look at what you can start sowing in January.

See how you can start to prepare ready for Spring.

Flowers to start sowing in January


If you like butterflies, you will want to plant some antirrhinums. Often called snapdragons, these plants are ideal to start sowing around February-March time ready for planting in May. You will then see their bloom during the summer months right up until October.

Very easy to grow, the bright colours of snapdragons can add a touch of vibrancy to your flower beds. They also come in different heights giving some levels to your flower displays too.

Antirrhinum like full sunlight to grow. Make sure when they are ready for planting outdoors that they are well-drained. Sowing the seeds now in a greenhouse or a covered tray on the window ledge will give these plants the best start.


Begonias are a great plant that does not require much care, compared to other plants. Considered a tender plant, Begonias are easy to grow. Requiring low light, these plants can be grown outdoors or used indoors as house plants. Ideal for planting in containers, hanging baskets and flower beds.

A very versatile plant, they can provide you with a nice display through the summer months. Some varieties of begonia’s are suited for summer bedding, while others provide some decorative shades and unusual textures. They also come in a variety of bright colours including orange, pink, red and yellow.

These plants flower in summer, with growth beginning in spring. Start planting outside after the last frosts. In the meantime, sowing the seeds now indoors can get you off to a good start. When transferring outdoors, avoid planting in direct sunlight.


Considered to be a long-time favourite of gardeners, Geraniums, sometimes referred to as pelargoniums, are ideally suited to containers and beds. Geraniums can flower almost continually in warm climates. They also come in a range of different tones of red, purple, pink and blue.

Just like Begonia, you can use Geranium’s inside or out. To make sure your geraniums flower well in the summer, plant them in the sun in well-drained soil. They flower in the spring and summer, so get ready to start planting them soon.

As well as the bright colours, geraniums are easy to grow and give a nice scent too. If you already have some Geraniums inside, consider repotting them in spring to help refresh them and encourage re-growth.


Another plant that thrives indoors and out. Gloxinias are not a difficult plant to care for and they can also be grown from seeds. If you would rather grow your Gloxinia’s from seeds, you’d better get a move on. Start sowing now ready for planting in the spring if you want to see them bloom in the summer months (between May and October).

When planting outside, Gloxinias flower in the summer producing bright coloured blooms. When planting outdoors, place them in bright areas but out of direct sunlight. The same goes if you are keeping them indoors until the summer. Make sure to keep them well watered and ensure the soil remains moist. Otherwise, the flowers can go dormant.

When all the flowers have died off, reduce the watering until all the leaves have also weathered. Then store the Gloxinia in a cool, shaded area ready for regrowing next year.


Another plant you can start to get ready for summer flowering are lobelias. Easy-to-grow, these flowers enjoy cooler weather. They will continue to bloom during the summer too, producing fresh flowers until the first frost.

Lobelia flowers come in a variety of different colours, including white, pink, red and blue. The most common colour though is violet. Ideally suited for borders near water or in containers such as hanging baskets. Lobelia requires little maintenance too.

Annual lobelia can grow almost anywhere. The lobelia seed can be sowed straight into the garden and does not need sowing indoors first. You can still sow the seeds inside though if you choose. These plants require lots of sun so keep them in direct sunlight. Once ready to transfer outdoors, plant in moist, rich soil.

Sweet pea

Sweet peas come in a range of different colours, including white, pastel, magenta, and pink. With a strong fragrance, sweet peas can produce lots of blooms. Even though these flowers look delicate, they are surprisingly hardy.

Some gardeners can be put off growing sweet peas as they are a slow plant to germinate. The ideal time to start planting your sweet peas is late winter or early spring. As soon as your soil is dry enough, consider planting your sweet peas to see them flower ready for summer.

The ideal planting location for your sweet peas is where the flower heads will get plenty of sun, but the roots will be kept in cool and moist soil.


Verbenas are another plant you can start to plant now ready for summer. Blooming between spring and autumn, these plants come in a range of bright colours including blue, pink, and purple. They are also loved by pollinators too.

These plants are a long-blooming variety that can tolerate the heat. Verbenas are a perennial or annual flower that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the perennial varieties are rather short lived, they can be grown as annual plants, blooming in their first planting season.

These plants are ideal for hanging baskets and containers. While not fairing well in humid conditions, they are still not be ignored.

The ideal planting time for verbena seeds is indoors around 8 weeks before the last frost. Then in March, the seedlings can be transferred outdoors. Ideally suited to take the full effects of sunshine. Avoid planting in heavy clay soil.

And there you have it. While you may not find there is much to do in the garden just yet, you can still get a head start by sowing your seeds. Then, when the time is right, you can start planting the seedlings outside ready to see them bloom in time for summer. With a variety of colours available from the plants above your gardens will look a picture.