How We Select Our Garden Furniture

Trade Shows

Trade shows are important to us. We need to see what manufacturers are offering. Is there anything unique or new coming to market? Will it sell? How have items performed during the past year? The main trade show we attend is Solex which is held mid-July. As you can see we are looking at furniture to stock 6 months ahead. We compare prices. It is not just about finding the right quality garden furniture for our customers as price points are extremely important. Due to the weaker pound, we have found that garden furniture prices are up 15-20% this year.

We go to shows with an open mind. We do not always stick to the same manufacturers however we do ensure that the manufactures we place orders with are companies that have a good trading record.

The amount we order at the shows depend on how much stock we are carrying. As mid-July is early we account for extra sales that will be made during the rest of the year.

Trade Show Takeaways

Grey was the most popular colour
Prices were between 15-20% higher this year compared to last year
New for 2018 we ordered some adjustable height modular dining coffee table
Expect us to stock more garden furniture from the Almalfi and Bari ranges. They sold well this year and we expect the trend to follow.


Of course a good source of data is knowing what garden furniture items sell well in-store and online. We analyse our sales and try and predict what customers will want.

The Final Steps

As of writing this, all our furniture orders for next year are in. We need to order early as it takes time to get the furniture delivered and any garden furniture which needs to be imported from China requires extra time as the Chinese stop working during their New Year. This delays orders for some time.

Our furniture containers get shipped to us and once they dock we must take delivery within 7 days. Our first garden furniture containers will arrive at the end of January, so keep an eye out on Facebook to find out when they are available in-store and online.

We are always looking for something new and different, something that stands out but also something that will sell as we know our customer base. We try to cater for as many tastes as possible and ages.

What to expect in 2018

How we select our garden furniture

We have orders for a variety of garden furniture. Many new styles and variations but also some of this year’s best sellers.

High dining Lounge Sets: Malmo 3 seater sofa high dining, Verona 6-piece lounge set, Palermo lounge dining set and Saigon Lounge Dining set (Natural Grey/Oat Grey).

Sofa Coffee Sets: Malmo 2 seat sofa set coffee table set, Almalfi 2 seat coffee set, Palermo Lounge set and Bari Lounge Set.

Storage Boxes: Malmo Storage box, Havana storage box and Amalfi storage box.

Modular Dining Sets: Malmo compact corner, Malmo corner unit Dining, Havana U shaped corner set, Turnberry modular with armchair and Verona corner modular set.

Egg swinging chairs: Kyra Hanging Chair, Rhine Hanging Chair and Double Hanging Chair.

This is just a small selection of garden furniture we will be stocking in 2018. Follow us on Facebook to find out when they are available in-store and online.