Introducing: LeisureGrow garden furniture

One of the garden furniture manufacturers we are proud to stock here at Hilltop is LeisureGrow. Designing elegant and contemporary furniture products, LeisureGrow is widely seen as an innovator within the industry. With many different dining and lounging sets, as well as modular sets, there are plenty of furniture options to choose from by LeisureGrow. Let’s take a look at who LeisureGrow are and which garden furniture items we stock at Hilltop. Whichever takes your fancy, it is sure to make a bold statement in your back garden.

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Who are LeisureGrow?

LeisureGrow is a family-run business. Since 1999, they have supplied thousands of product lines throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Designing innovative products for both home and gardens, the furniture made by LeisureGrow offers a stylish contemporary and innovative design.

Considered a trendsetter within the industry, LeisureGrow always looks to innovate and be on the cusp of current trends. What sets LeisureGrow products apart from others is the environmental care they place at the forefront of their manufacturing process. Combining that with quality design and functionality allows LeisureGrow’s products to truly be unique.

You don’t need to take our word for the quality of their furniture. They are a member of the Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association (or LOFA). A professional trade association, LOFA looks to support and represent the best brands within the outdoor leisure industry. All brands must adhere to the LOFA Code of Practice before becoming certified. LOFA looks to:

  • - Develop good working practices
  • - Respect the environment
  • - Provide up to date information on lifestyle and gardening products

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LG Outdoor

One of the LeisureGrow brands is LG Outdoor. Focusing on garden and lifestyle products, including concepts and accessories, LG Outdoor has over 20 years of experience.  All the products designed by LeisureGrow and LG Outdoor are done in the UK. The combination of both elegance and modern designs have helped LG Outdoor in shaping the outdoor leisure market. With plenty of options to choose from, you’d be hard-pressed not to find something you like!

What furniture do we stock?

We stock many different LeisureGrow products here at Hilltop, including the Lyon, Milano, Turin, Stockholm, and Santorini. With many different products also comes a range of different choices. No matter how small a garden space you have, there’s bound to be something from the LeisureGrow range that you can enjoy. All options are fully waterproof, including the cushions, meaning you don’t have to worry about leaving them outside on a rainy day.

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One of the latest furniture ranges we stock from LeisureGrow is Lyon. Coming in a stylish weave design, we have a range of options, including:

Whether you want to sit back and enjoy the sun on a hot afternoon, or entertain friends and family outside, there’s plenty to choose from in the Lyon range.

For those looking to relax in the garden, the duo or bistro sets are ideally suited.  The duo set comes with reclining chairs while the 5-piece reclining duo set comes with detachable footrests. Alternatively the bistro set is designed with comfort in mind, coming with 2 high back chairs, you can enjoy eating alfresco style.

For those looking for larger dining options, the 6 seat and large square modular dining sets would be ideal. The 6-seat dining set comes complete with 6 high back armchairs and a roundtable, while the modular set comes complete with an adjustable table and 2 double footstools. Both sets provide plenty of seating space for guests.


The next range from LeisureGrow available here at Hilltop is the Milano. Providing luxury dining options, the Milano range is perfect for entertaining guests. Available either as a 6-seat dining set or deluxe modular dining set (with or without a firepit), is for anyone looking for an alternative to weave. The Milano range is made from aluminium and provides a sleek and modern design.

The 6-seat dining set comes complete with a rectangular dining table and 6 high back armchairs, while the deluxe modular dining set also comes with 2 footstools. Available with either an adjustable table or firepit.


The Turin 4-seat dining set also available here at Hilltop is another contemporary styled aluminium choice from LeisureGrow. Coming complete with a round table and 4 cushioned armchairs, this dining set allows you to enjoy eating outside with minimal maintenance. While the tabletop looks like wood, it is only an effect and is made from aluminium as with the rest of the set. The chairs are also stackable which is great for saving space.


Another range from LeisureGrow that we have available here at Hilltop is the Stockholm. Another range available in aluminium, the Stockholm range provides different dining and modular sets. Available as:

Both the 6-seat and 8-seat dining sets come complete with a rectangular table and stackable chairs, all made from aluminium. An ideal choice for eating outside with friends or family.

Alternatively, the modular sets allow for a much more relaxed option, with the choice of an adjustable table or firepit. Both choices come with an open-sided modular and 2 accompanying footstools.

If you would like a bit of shelter, we also stock a 3x3m deluxe gazebo from the Stockholm range. Includes retractable textilene panels on all four sides that you can slide up or down depending on the direction of the sun.


Another option that we have coming soon from LeisureGrow is the Santorini modular sets. Made from aluminium, the Santorini modular set comes either with an adjustable table or firepit. Both choices will also come with a reclining modular and a double footstool. A perfect choice to help relax outside and keep warm on a cool evening.

If you are looking for a stylish and modern choice of garden furniture, LeisureGrow offers plenty of options to help make the most of your outdoor space this summer. With our range of individually chosen garden furniture, you’d be hard pressed not to find something that takes your fancy. Check out the full range of garden furniture we have on offer.