Introducing: Supremo Leisure garden furniture

At Hilltop, our individually chosen furniture helps you make the most of your outdoor space. One of the manufacturers we are proud to stock is Supremo Leisure. Supremo provides unique and stylish garden furniture that is ideal for helping you to create your own outdoor experiences. Let’s take a look at who Supremo are and the Supremo furniture we have available at Hilltop.

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Who is Supremo Leisure?

Supremo Leisure designs and manufactures garden furniture that combines both style and substance, helping to provide unique and distinctive garden furniture. Combining these factors means that Supremo provides a range of garden furniture that can help create unique and personalised outdoor experiences. Their distinctive furniture can also easily blend itself to your lifestyle and pace of life.

From hosting small dinners and get-togethers to relaxing outdoors, Supremo furniture can help you and your guests get the most out of your garden space, creating memories and positive experiences.

Experienced at identifying new and upcoming design trends and using bold colours, Supremo offers stylish furniture that won’t cost the earth. Their extensive knowledge and experience of the outdoor leisure industry also allows them to keep up with changing demands and requirements.

The attention to detail Supremo put into their products allows them to be a leader in both innovation and style. All their furniture is made from different materials, all of which are industry-leading. Whether it’s a stylish weave design or a more contemporary aluminium design, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

Supremo also seeks to use some of the latest new materials and techniques that help them to innovate and inspire. They also pride themselves on providing unique and innovative furniture options that do not necessarily follow the trends of other furniture on the market.

Based in Staffordshire, the family business has become one of the biggest brands on the market here in the UK. Most of their sets require little or no assembly allowing you to enjoy your garden set straight out of the box. Supremo furniture is also sure to withstand the unpredictable British weather without losing any of its quality.

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Supremo garden furniture items at Hilltop

We have two different collections available here at Hilltop. Firstly, the Athena range offers a stylish rattan weave pattern that will blend perfectly into any garden space. Secondly, the Melbury set offers a contemporary and attractive design that is sure to stand out and help you enjoy the garden in absolute comfort.

Supremo garden furniture also comes with a domestic 2-year structural guarantee, including the materials, construction quality, and protection against rare production failures.

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The Athena range is made distinctively with a modern style that features a 12mm hook weave. For a modern twist that will help any of the Athena sets blend perfectly into your garden, the set comes with a forged iron-grey colour and accompanying blue fabric cushions.

To help make the Athena sets durable and easy to maintain, the weave is hand-woven around a powder-coated aluminium frame. The stark contrast of blue cushions with a grey coloured weave helps provide a luxurious vibrancy. The cushions are also piped and zipped to allow for removal and easy cleaning.

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Athena 6-seat 135cm round set

For small gatherings and outdoor dinner parties, the Athena 135cm 6-seat round is a perfect choice. Coming complete with 6 stackable chairs and a table, this set is sure to add sophistication to your meal. The set also comes with a parasol and base, which allows for that little bit of shade when the sun gets too hot.

The set comes in the same stylish forged iron-grey weave and accompanying coordinated blue cushions. The tabletop comes with an integrated ‘vintage boat deck’ glass top and a skirting to match the same stylish weave as the rest of the set. The chairs also offer absolute comfort with deep seat cushions to allow you to sit back and relax. Ideally suited for your decking and patio areas.

Available for £1,199. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.

Athena corner modular dining set

For a garden furniture set that offers plenty of comfortable seating and dining space, the Athena corner modular dining set may be the ideal choice. With plenty of comfy seating space, you and your guests can sit back and relax. Coming in the same stylish forged-iron grey weave, the set is also complemented with a soft seat and back cushions that allow for maximum comfort.

Comes complete with a 1 arm sofa, a 2-arm sofa, 2 footstools and a large rectangular dining table. The dining table offers a sturdy and toughened safety glass top with a painted boat deck finish to help it blend seamlessly with the stylish grey weave. Able to sit up to 9 people. Some assembly is required for this set.

Available for £1,899. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.

Athena lounge dining set

The Athena lounge dining set allows you to indulge in alfresco dining in comfort and style. With classically curved lounge chairs, you and your guests are sure to be relaxed and comfy. Coming in the same stylish forged-iron grey weave, this set will blend perfectly into any garden space.

While the table does require some assembly, the low maintenance and durable materials allow for easy cleaning. The chairs come with wide arms and are deep-seated with back cushions for all-round comfort. Comes with 1 dining sofa, 2 dining chairs, and 1 dining table. Just in case you need to squeeze a couple of extra guests, the set also comes complete with 2 stools.

Available for £1,899. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.


Coming in a modern aluminium design, any of the Melbury garden furniture sets are sure to make a bold statement in your garden. While lightweight, the set is still sturdy thanks to the aluminium frame that makes it ideal for easy modern living. The set will not rust thanks to the durable materials. Melbury sets come complete with plump back cushions that allow for optimal comfort, blending stylishly with the powder-coated frames for extra depth. The comfort you’ll enjoy will be unforgettable.

Melbury lounge set

The smallest of the Melbury items we have available, the Melbury lounge set in no way sacrifices design or comfort. Coming in a sturdy aluminium design, the lounge set is perfectly suited for entertaining and small gatherings. The thing we love most about the lounge set is the adjustable table with a foot pump that can be moved up or down to ensure optimal levels of relaxation and enjoyment.

Sure to make a statement in your garden, the combination of the supportive back bars and thick plywood armrests help to provide an extra depth to the set’s look. Coming complete with 1 sofa, 2 armchairs and 1 adjustable table. The provided cushions are also summer proof and deep-filled meaning you and your guests can really relax. You needn’t worry about leaving the set outside either, as the furniture hardware will sustain weather all year round.

Available for £1,499. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.

Melbury 4-person firepit set

For those who wish to enjoy their gardens all year round, the Melbury 4-person firepit set is just for you. The star feature of the firepit set is none other than the firepit itself. Providing a cosy light source and keeping you and your guests warm, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space as the evening starts to turn cooler.

Coming in the stylish and modern aluminium design, you are sure to impress with this set making a bold statement in your garden. Complete with four lounge chairs and a gas-powered fire pit, the gas storage is seamlessly integrated into the table. The tabletop also comes with a granite boat deck effect, allowing it to blend with the rest of the set. Assembly is required for the firepit table.

Available for £1,699. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.

Melbury mini modular set with adjustable table

For smaller gardens where space is a concern, don’t worry. We’ve got something for you too. The Melbury mini-modular set with an adjustable table is perfect for any patio or conservatory where space isn’t a premium. Coming in the same stylish aluminium design, the set is perfect for any gathering, party, or meal.

Both versatile and elegant, the set is designed with easy modern living in mind. Both lightweight and sturdy, the set will not fall victim to rust. The large plump back cushions also help to make the mini modular set exceptionally comfortable. The adjustable table helps too by allowing to lower or raise the table depending on usage. Comes complete with 1 3 seat arm corner sofa, 1 2 seat arm corner sofa, 1 footstool and 1 square adjustable table.

Available for £1,899. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.

Melbury mini modular set with firepit

If you’re looking for a firepit set with limited space available, the Melbury mini modular set with a firepit is ideally suited. Boasting the same stylish aluminium design, you and your family can gather around and enjoy the long, glorious summer days. As the sun does down, switch on the firepit for some ambient lighting and warmth.

Both versatile and stylish, the modular set with firepit requires no assembly so you can enjoy it straight out of the box. Thanks to the sturdy materials, the set will not become exposed to rust either. The tabletop comes in an accompanying granite effect that blends seamlessly with the rest of the set. Also includes an adjustable temperature control. Comes complete with 1 3 seat arm corner sofa, 1 2 seat arm corner sofa, 1 footstool and a square firepit table.

Available for £2,199. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.

Melbury L shaped modular with firepit

For larger gardens, consider the Melbury L shaped modular with firepit. Ideal for entertaining, there’s plenty of comfortable seating to give you and your guests ample space to sit back and relax. A gas-powered firepit will help to keep you and your guests warm on a cool summer evening too.

Coming complete with 1 left-hand corner sofa, 1 right-hand corner sofa, 1 bench, 1 footstool and 1 rectangular table with firepit, there’s plenty of seating space for up to 9 guests. Some assembly is required. Cushions are summer proof and can be easily unzipped and cleaned. The set is both lightweight and sturdy with the fabric designed to resist damp and assist drying.

Available for £2,499. Free delivery within a 200-mile radius.

Whether you are looking for a weave or aluminium garden furniture set, there’s something to suit everyone with the range of Supremo garden furniture available at Hilltop. No matter how small a garden space you have, you can benefit from a sturdy yet lightweight set that’s sure to make an impression. Find out about our shipping and returns before ordering. Browse the full range of garden furniture we have available on our website.

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