Hilltop Garden Centre’s New Year Gardening Tips

We know it can be difficult to find the motivation to get back into the garden with the current wet and windy weather. But we think the promise of a beautiful garden is worth braving the cold! Especially when the Spring and Summer months will soon be upon us. At Hilltop, we've compiled a quick guide on some New Year gardening tasks in your garden to keep your outdoor space fresh, even during the gloomy Winter months.

Clean and Refill Bird Feeders

Our first New Year gardening tip to help you get back into the garden is to clean and refill bird feeders. Harmful diseases can build up by leaving food in your birdfeeders for a prolonged time, especially during any spells of wet weather.

You can prevent this by washing your bird feeders with warm water and mild soap. Then, let them air dry before refilling them with bird food. We recommend washing your bird feeders a minimum of once per month. Also, ensure there’s always fresh food for your local bird population.  

Clear Away Winter Debris

Another New Year gardening tip is to clear away any winter debris. Over Christmas, we know that many of us may have neglected the garden in favour of taking much-needed time to relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones.

With the festive period over, sweep or rake any fallen leaves and twigs to keep your outdoor space tidy before spring. You can add these to a compost pile or place them in a secluded part of your garden. Putting them in a pile allows local wildlife to take shelter during winter.

Make Time for Winter Deadheading

Making time for winter deadheading is another New Year gardening tip to help you get back into the garden. Like summer bedding, winter bedding plants like Pansies and Viola’s will need deadheading to help prolong their beautiful blooms.

This will help your plants redirect energy to the blooms that need it most, and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful flowers for longer, adding that much-needed splash of colour to your garden during the grey and gloomy winter period.

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At Hilltop Garden Centre, you'll find everything you could need to begin turning your garden back into the garden of your dreams, ready for springtime, which will soon be upon us! From tools and accessories to the gorgeous plants themselves – we have it all and look forward to welcoming you upon your next visit.