Christmas Tips: How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

Where has this year gone?! It’s already nearly November (can you believe it?) - Halloween and Guy Fawkes night are imminent, and… Like it or not, It’s time to start thinking about Christmas. And there’s no better way to transition into the Christmas season than to pick yourself the perfect Christmas tree for your home!

But with so many different types of trees available, what’s the lowdown on choosing the best tree for your family to enjoy?

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is an old favourite and a very popular tree within the UK. Also known as the ‘Father of the Christmas Tree’, it has an authentic and traditional Christmas feel. Perfect for people who enjoy a conventional, classic Christmas style.

The Norway Spruce gives off a wonderful aroma that can only be described as the ‘scent of Christmas’. It also holds its shape well and has plenty of branches which is great for decorating!

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK and indeed Europe. Its branches are extremely strong, which is great news for hanging those extra special glass and ceramic decorations. It’s also fantastic at retaining its needles which is perfect for people who like to put their trees up early and enjoy the Christmas season for as long as possible.

It’s also a great family-friendly tree as it has a much softer foliage than other trees. Good news for people with kids!

Lodgepole Pine

The Lodgepole Pine is particularly suited for people who live in high ceiling homes. This wonderful pine tree is tall, bushy and makes a bold statement – it’s most at home in a large open space where it can be truly appreciated.

Like the Norway Spruce this tree gives off a wonderful Christmassy aroma. It also has the best needle retention of them all, so the perfect choice if you have a large home, high ceilings, and like to get your tree up early for maximum enjoyment!

Tips for choosing the best quality tree and maintaining it

Once you’ve decided on the most suitable type of tree for your home, the next step is to make sure the tree you buy is good quality.

  1. Measure up
    It’s amazing how many people forget to do this part, but it’s so important! Decide where you want to put your tree and then measure the area, width, height, and depth, and also decide how much space you want to have around the tree. You definitely don’t want to be blocking an entrance or placing the tree to close to the fire or radiators, so it’s worthwhile taking the time to get this stage right!

  2. Test for freshness
    Not all trees are made equally so it’s important to check for freshness when you go shopping for your tree. Check the tree’s appearance – it should look shiny and healthy. Also check that it’s not dropping too many needles… This can be done by gently hitting the tree’s stump against floor. It’s normal for a few needles to fall, but any more than that is a warning sign! A healthy tree should be heavier than a ‘not so healthy’ tree. Pick up the tree and test its weight against trees of similar size.

  3. Maintenance
    Once you’ve chosen the perfect, healthy tree for your home, it’s time to get the tree ready for its time indoors. First thing to do is to saw off 1 – 2 cm from the stump, then stand it in water in a shaded area outside, until you are ready to move it indoors. It is best to keep it outside for as long as possible and aim for a duration of no more than two weeks inside. Of course this may not be possible, as you may want to keep your tree up for longer than that. In which case follow the advice above and choose a tree that is more suited for long term indoor use.

So there you have it, some top tips to help you choose (and maintain) the best tree possible this Christmas. Keep an eye out on our Hilltop Garden Centre Facebook page, we will soon have fresh Christmas trees in stock!