Relaxing reclining garden furniture sets available at Hilltop

The warmer weather is finally upon us (we hope!). As many of us will want to get outside and enjoy the sun, look no further! we can help you create a special place of relaxation. So, sit back and relax with these reclining garden furniture sets available at Hilltop.

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Camilla reclining duo set

The Camila reclining duo set from Innovators International is our first pick of the reclining garden furniture sets. Not only does the Camila reclining duo set come with a reclining backrest, but also accompanying footrests too. Both are also independent giving you absolute freedom for how you want to relax.

It’s also incredibly easy to operate the reclining chair, with the use of a button for the backrest and a lever for the footrest. Both chairs come with the same reclining features and will blend stylishly into your garden space.

Made from quality light grey rattan around a charcoal aluminium frame. The accompanying cushions come in a charcoal colour that blends perfectly with the chair. The accompanying side table is also made using a charcoal aluminium frame with a dark ceramic top. With the Camila reclining duo set in your garden, the only thing you need to worry about is who to share this relaxing set with!

Available for £999

Sarasota reclining set

Another popular reclining set available at Hilltop is the Sarasota. We believe your garden is an extension of your home, and with the Sarasota set in your garden, you’ll be well on the way.

Not only does it utilise a modern design with a perfect blend of grey weave and charcoal cushions, but the reclining chairs and footrests provide the perfect way to relax this summer. In addition to the reclining chairs, the thick cushions help to enhance the comfort you’ll receive thanks to the foam and fibre filling.

The Sarasota set is also made from all-weather materials, with an aluminium frame for durability and rustproofing so you can enjoy your garden throughout the year. The rattan is also UV stabilised meaning the colour won’t degrade in the sun. When comfort can be achieved with an easy-to-use handle, what better way is there to enjoy a refreshing beverage in the company of a loved one?

Was £899. Available NOW for £799

Lyon duo set

The Lyon duo set from LeisureGrow is another relaxing recliner available at Hilltop. With a design that has comfort in mind, you can be sure of a relaxing afternoon in the sun with a good book and a cool beverage.

As well as the reclining feature, the seats are wide with high backs giving you plenty of comfortable seating space. Furthermore, the cushions are extra deep to give you added comfort. The Lyon duo garden furniture set is also ideal for small spaces.

As well as 2 reclining armchairs, the set also comes with a square side table. The perfect blend of natural tones from the multitone brown and wheat weave and beautifully paired oatmeal cushions also helps to create a modern and stylish furniture set that will blend perfectly into any outdoor space.

Available for £699

Camilla 4-seater square dining set

If you’re looking for a reclining set with more seating, look no further! The Camila 4-seater square dining set gives you plenty of seating space ideal for summer brunches. With all 4 chairs coming with a reclining feature, you and your guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy your outdoor space.

All 4 reclining chairs come with an automatic gas lift for minimal reclining effort. When combined with the deep seat padded cushions made from a high-quality material, you and your guests will have all the comfort you need!

The set also comes complete with a wood effect ceramic topped table that allows easy cleaning and maintenance in the event of any spills. The stylish combination of light and dark grey tones helps the Camila set to stand out and create the perfect spot for hosting intimate dinner parties with friends and loved ones.

Available for £1,499. Free delivery within 200 miles

Flamingo reclining round dining set

Another relaxing reclining garden furniture set available at Hilltop is the Flamingo reclining round dining set, available as a 4-seater and a 6-seater.


Coming from Glencrest’s Katie Blake range, the Flamingo reclining round dining set provides fully reclining chairs. You can enjoy the best of both worlds, using the chairs for dining around the table with friends and family or sunbathing on a sunny day.

The combination of high-back chairs and a headrest helps to create extra comfort. With comfortable cushions too, a lot of consideration has gone into creating a relaxing and stylish furniture choice.

The 4-seat Flamingo reclining round dining set comes with a 110cm round table too, giving plenty of table space for you and your guests. The set also comes complete with a parasol and base to provide some shade on those extra sunny days.

Available for £1,399. Free delivery within 200 miles


Coming with the same stylish design and comfortable seating as the 4-seat dining set, the 6-seat Flamingo reclining round dining set provides you with more seating and a bigger table. Ideal for entertaining and socialising with more of your friends and family.

The 6-seat set also comes with a parasol and base to provide some shade on an extra sunny day. It also shares the same modern design, creating a beautiful blend of grey and blue tones. The accompanying table is slightly bigger with the 6-seat dining set at 140cm allowing plenty of table space.

If you want stylish garden furniture that’s affordable, the Flamingo dining sets are suited just for you. You can enjoy luxury at an affordable price without any compromises. Whether used for entertaining or relaxing, the Flamingo dining sets will help make the most of your outdoor space.

Available for £1,999. Free delivery within 200 miles.

With a fantastic choice of reclining garden furniture sets available at Hilltop, you can create a relaxing outdoor space for both you and your guests to enjoy this summer. Whatever your needs, you can be sure of finding a stylish set that will help you to make the most of your garden.

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