10 flowers and vegetables to consider planting in September

While September is the best time to sow seeds ready for next year, there are still some flowers and vegetables you can plant now to continue enjoying your garden throughout Autumn. There are also some flowers you need to plant now to enjoy a Spring bloom.

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Here’s our pick of 10 flowers and vegetables to consider planting in September:


Red Hot Pokers

Red Hot Pokers are our first pick of flowers to plant in September. With bright red and yellow colours and a long flowering season, these plants will blend beautifully with the stunning Autumnal colours. A nice partially shaded spot is best for planting Red Hot Pokers.

English Marigold

English Marigolds is another flower to consider planting in September. These hardy annuals also come in different Autumn colours, such as orange. Like most hardy annuals, they have a long flowering season and can last until the first frost appears.

A sunny spot and warm soil are the best conditions for growing English Marigolds. Fun fact: You can also put some marigold leaves on your salad if you’re inclined, as they are edible. However, they taste much better when younger.


Winter pansies are another flower you can plant in September to add extra colour. These plants are typically purple, and so provide a change from the traditional Autumn colours. Winter pansies are perfect for growing as the days get shorter, and they only require minimal care.

The best time to plant winter Pansies is in September, which provides plenty of time for the roots to grow strong enough. These plants are hardy and can survive throughout the winter. Both full sun and partial shade are ideal conditions.

Delphinium Consolida

Delphinium Consolida is another hardy annual that is ideal for planting in September. That’s because the seeds require a cold period for them to germinate. Winter is an excellent time for this, so sowing the seeds into the garden now is ideal, ready for bright blooms of purple, pink, blue, and white.

These plants are also relatively easy to grow and will bloom anytime in the Spring and Summer. They can also grow up to 3 feet tall at maturity. However, you should be careful when handling this plant as it is poisonous and can cause skin irritation.


Another flower that you should consider planting in September is Love-in-a-mist. September is ideal for sowing these flowers if you want to enjoy summer blooms next year. This plant is easy to grow, providing decorative seed pods with feathery green leaves.

Ensure you sow the seeds in well-drained soil where they will get plenty of sunlight. Cover the seeds with around 1cm of soil, keeping them well-watered if the ground is dry. Thinning the seeds around 10-15cm apart will encourage sturdier and larger plant growth.


September is an excellent time for planting mum in the garden. Chrysanthemums (or mums) come in a range of different Autumn colours, which makes them a great addition to any Autumn Garden. Planting these flowers now will ensure they continue blooming throughout Autumn.


Hyacinth is another flower perfect for planting in September. The great thing about Hyacinths is you can grow them anywhere, from flower beds to pots or even an old bucket. Planting them now will ensure a spring bloom to enjoy these bright, fragrant plants.

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Another flower that grows better when planted in Autumn is Peonies. Planting these flowers in the latter half of September will ensure you enjoy beautiful Spring blooms. Rich, well-drained soil within the sun is the best place for planting these bright pink flowers.


Aster is a late flowering perennial that you can plant in September to enjoy throughout the Autumn. These plants can survive right up to the first frost, providing they are planted in well-drained, watered soil. It may be advisable to stake these plants to stop them from blowing over in the wind.


Our final pick of flowers to plant in September is Poppies. Sadly, you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful range of colours that Poppies provides now. To enjoy blooming bright Poppies next year, you should plant them this month.

Make sure to sow these seeds this month, preferably in patches of bare soil. Also, plant the seeds in a well-drained spot with plenty of sun. Consider growing them around a planting border alongside low-growing perennials for maximum effect.

Vegetables & Fruit

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Not only is Spinach a nutritionally rich vegetable, but September is also the perfect time to start planting for next Spring. Sowing the seeds in shallow soil and covering them with fleecing over the winter.


Strawberry is another pick to consider planting in September. Strawberries are popular to grow as they take up little room. Spring and Autumn are ideal times for planting new Strawberry plants ready to enjoy a juicy harvest next Summer.

Collard Greens

Collard Greens is our next pick of vegetable to consider planting in September. Like cabbage, Collard Greens is rich in vitamins and can help lower cholesterol levels! Growing in full sun, with well-drained and watered soil, provides the best results.


Lettuce is another popular salad vegetable that you can plant in September. Different varieties of lettuce fare better at other times of the year. For Autumn/Winter, you should try growing Winter Gem Lettuce (similar to Little Gem).


September is also an ideal time of the year to plant Garlic. Planting Garlic in the garden now ensures you can benefit from a crop next Spring. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil around 2-3cm deep for best results. Keep a distance of around 25cm between each seed.

Spring Onions

Spring Onions is another vegetable to plant in September to enjoy a crop for next Spring. A popular choice to grow in the garden, Spring Onions are easy to grow and can make a great addition to a range of meals. You know the drill by now: plant in well-drained, fertile soil for best results.

Spring Cabbage

Like Spring Onions, now is the perfect time to plant Spring Cabbage for harvest next year (especially if you have already sown the seeds). Protect from birds using fleece or netting.

Just be careful the slugs don’t come and help themselves to your Cabbage crop. Using a barrier of crushed eggshells or sharp sand can deter these pests from approaching your cabbage. This is especially important for new-growth plants/vegetables.


Hardy peas are another vegetable that can grow throughout the winter and produce crops next year. Planting hardy peas now will ensure they produce an early crop. Plant 3cm deep in fertile soil, and stake the plant as it grows.


Coriander is another top pick of vegetable to consider planting in September. Not only is it easy to grow, but you can plant in the ground or pots. Make sure to sow the seeds thin (around 1cm deep) and keep the soil moist. You can also leave a plant to flower and produce seeds for growing next year.

Sufficient weed control can also encourage Coriander growth.


Our final pick of vegetable to consider planting in September is Radish. Radishes grow quickly, only taking a couple of weeks to mature. If you want to get some Radishes for autumn, now would be a perfect time to get them planted in the garden. Mild conditions and warm soil are ideal for growing Radishes.

With lots of different plants and vegetables to grow in September, there is plenty to keep us Greenfingers busy! This month, make sure to sow your seeds to enjoy blooming flower displays or delicious vegetable crops next year. Happy planting!

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