Why Hilltop is the most popular garden centre in Warwickshire

Hilltop Garden Centre is an independent, family-run garden centre on the outskirts of Coventry. We take great pride in our customer service and satisfaction. With such a wide product selection available, including plants, garden furniture, and Christmas products, here’s why Hilltop is the most popular garden Centre in Warwickshire.

About Hilltop

Hilltop is a family-run garden centre by brothers Kevin and Grant. Since taking over the business from their father after retiring, the brothers have helped expand and grow the garden centre. With a large team of 30, we pride ourselves on delivering quality customer service and satisfaction.

Being an independently run garden centre allows for much greater individuality and a unique offering to help transform your outdoor spaces. It also allows us to add a personal touch to our service for a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

One of the biggest reasons Hilltop is the most popular garden centre in Warwickshire is our extensive product range. From a wide variety of outdoor plants, garden furniture, gardening equipment, homeware, a café, and kids' play area, there’s a day out to be had by the whole family.

Outdoor plants

As a garden centre, one of the things people love about Hilltop is our extensive selection of outdoor plants. You can create truly stunning garden blooms with our vast range of plants. Whether you are looking for shrubs, bedding plants, perennials, or trees, we have loads to choose from!

Most of our outdoor plants can be found in our large outdoor area, which sweeps around our café and to the outdoor seating area. Within our outdoor plant selection, you can find:

  • - Acer shrubs and alpine plants.
  • - An extensive range of bedding plants.
  • - Climbing plants for walls and trellises.
  • - Edible plants, including fruit and vegetable plants.
  • - Perennial plants in a range of bright and vibrant colours.
  • - Roses and hanging baskets.
  • - A selection of trees and shrubs.


With so much on offer in our extensive range of outdoor plants available at Hilltop, choosing which plants to go for can be tricky. Discover more about our vast range of plants at Hilltop Garden Centre.

Indoor plants

Another reason Hilltop is the most popular garden centre in Warwickshire is our selection of indoor plants. Alongside our extensive range of outdoor plants, we have a huge variety of houseplants. Houseplants are great for those with limited outdoor space or want to brighten up an indoor room.

As most houseplants require little attention to stay healthy, decorating your home with houseplants is ideal for both gardening novices and experts. You can find a wide selection of indoor plants available in-store, including:

  • - Snake plants
  • - Spider plants
  • - Monstera
  • - Ferns
  • - Philodendron
  • - Cacti
  • - Succulents


Garden furniture

Alongside our range of indoor and outdoor plants, we take great pride in our extensive garden furniture selection. Each year, we stock a huge variety of garden furniture sets to help you transform your outdoor space and turn your garden into a delightful extension of your home.

Our store has two large showrooms to showcase our fantastic garden furniture and accessories selection. In our extensive range of garden furniture, you’ll find a selection of aluminium, rattan, and metal garden furniture.

Our fantastic selection of garden furniture includes various contemporary and traditional sets. We stock a range of dining sets for those wanting an alfresco dining experience. You can also choose from our stylish bistro and duo sets for smaller gardens.

Alternatively, we have an extensive range of stylish sofa sets, corner sets, and hanging chairs for those who want to create a relaxing outdoor space. Firepit sets are also available for those who want to maximise their outdoor space usage.

Our section of garden furniture changes each year. We individually select the furniture we stock from top-quality manufacturers. Some manufacturers we frequently stock include Supremo, Glencrest, LeisureGrow, and Garden Furniture Global.

Browse our range of garden furniture online

Water features

Water features make a great addition to any garden space, offering fantastic benefits. From calming and soothing effects to increasing visual aesthetics, there are many great reasons to add a water feature to your garden. Did you know we boast one of the UK’s biggest water feature displays? Another reason why Hilltop is the most popular garden centre in Warwickshire.

That’s why we also offer a stunning range of water features, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Our water features come in various beautiful designs that transform any garden space. We offer traditional and contemporary designs, so there’s surely a water feature to match your garden!

All our water features are also self-contained, so there’s no need for plumbing. Instead, a pump inside the water feature reuses the same water, recirculating through the pump. This saves time and money, not needing a constant water supply.


Our in-house Hilltop Café is another reason people love visiting Hilltop Garden Centre. Plan a day out with the whole family and enjoy a delicious meal in our ‘Restaurant Guru recommended’ café for 2023. Our friendly café offers a range of food and drink for everyone!

Choose from a selection of home-cooked meals, soups, sandwiches, or jacket potatoes from our lunch menu. We also cater for kids, with lunchboxes or hot meals available. For afters, you can indulge in a delicious cake from our extensive selection of desserts. Hot drinks are also available.

The Café is open seven days a week. On weekdays, the café is open from 9 am to 4 pm. The Café is open from 10 am to 4 pm on the weekend. Lunch is served from 11:45 am daily.

Outdoor play area and facilities

At Hilltop, we cater for the whole family. You can bring the kids along on your visit with our outdoor play area and outdoor seating. These outdoor facilities and onsite parking are another reason Hilltop is Warwickshire's most popular garden centre.

Our new outdoor play area includes swings, climbing frames, a roundabout, slides, and a seesaw. The play area is on-site and accessible for our customers, allowing the kids to enjoy themselves and have a fun playtime. You can also enjoy a nice meal from our café outdoors in our seating area right next to the play area.

Easy and free on-site parking is also available at the front of our garden centre. With only a short drive away from Coventry, Hinckley, Rugby, and Birmingham, there’s no worry about needing to find somewhere to park or carting your gardening goods far.

Delivery is available for specific items, such as garden furniture. Check out our shipping and returns policy to find out more.

Hilltop At Christmas

Our garden centre may be a haven for plant lovers or garden furniture enthusiasts throughout most of the year. But at Christmas, our garden centre is transformed into a winter wonderland. Christmas at Hilltop is special, and that’s another reason why we’re the most popular garden centre in Warwickshire.

During the festive season, you can celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with our extensive and joyful range of Christmas products and displays. Our garden centre transforms into a magical winter wonderland.

You can find dazzling light displays, stunning Christmas trees, and delightful decorations. With such an extensive and eclectic range of festive products, your Christmas is taken care of. You’ll find:


With so much on offer at Hilltop Garden Centre, it’s not hard to see why we are so well-loved. Whether you’re looking for garden furniture, plants, or a festive treat, you and the family can enjoy a day out and find out why Hilltop is the most popular garden centre in Warwickshire! We look forward to seeing you soon!