What Garden Furniture can be left Outside

One of the many questions we get asked is “what garden furniture can be left outside?” Depending on the materials used, some types of garden furniture is better suited to the outdoor weather than others.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Much of our rattan garden furniture range is fine to leave outside all year round. It is advisable to cover in Winter to protect the furniture further but this is not an absolute requirement. Check any cushions and soft furnishings. A lot will be waterproof and suitable to keep outdoors however it is always advisable not to keep these exposed to the elements in extreme weather conditions.

Aluminium Garden Furniture

Like our Rattan range, aluminium garden furniture will not rust or rot. Always double check the packaging or ask a member of our team just in case there are components which may get spoilt if left outdoors during Winter. It is always advisable to cover your furniture in order to protect it from bird droppings, insects or dirt.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Normally good quality wooden furniture will be treated for the outdoor weather and will be fine to store outside. Please bear in mind though that the wood will change colour with age and in order to prevent rotting you will need to re-treat your furniture. You may need to re-stain, re-oil or re-paint depending on the finish you bought. At Hilltop Garden Centre our wooden garden furniture is of a high quality and grade so you can be confident that it is suitable for outdoors, however always check the packaging for recommended storage instructions or ask a member of our team. Like with all furniture it is always advisable to cover in order to protect it from bird droppings, insects or dirt.

Metal Garden Furniture

Some metal garden furniture can be left outside if it has been treated, otherwise you will need to store these away in the Winter months in order to avoid rusting and corrosion. Even if covered this does not necessarily fully protect untreated metal furniture from corrosion. Check the advice given on the packaging or speak to a member of our team if in doubt.

Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic garden furniture will not rust or rot so it is fine to leave outside during the Winter months. One thing to consider is that plastic furniture does tend to be lighter than other materials so ensure that they are secured down during high winds. Another tip is to cover when not in use and the sun is out as colours fade over time. This will just prolong the vibrancy of your furniture.

At Hilltop Garden Centre in Coventry we stock a wide range of quality Garden Furniture which will be suitable for outside storage. We offer an online delivery service and you are also able to pay and reserve your item online, ready for in store collection. Most importantly we are a family run, friendly Garden Centre so we are always available to offer our honest and professional advice.


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