Christmas Trees at Hilltop Garden Centre

Gold Christmas Trees at Hilltop
Pastel Christmas Trees at Hilltop

Christmas trees are the centrepiece to any home during the festive period. Come Christmas day we’ll be spending time with our loved ones around the tree opening presents and sharing a beloved mince pie. So, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the best Christmas tree available! At Hilltop we make sure to stock a huge variety of Christmas trees every year so that you can get that perfect tree for your home.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Pre-lit Christmas trees are perfect for those who prefer a quick set up when getting out the Christmas decorations, as with pre-lit Christmas trees you’ll be able to simply plug it in and relax! Pre-lit Christmas trees can also be cost effective, as you won’t need to buy your tree and lights separately, so it’s ideal for households wishing to save some money this Christmas.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Pink Christmas Trees at Hilltop
Rainbow Christmas Trees at Hilltop

The debate between real and artificial Christmas trees has been ongoing for years, with many people advising that artificial Christmas trees are bad for the environment. However, our artificial Christmas trees come from top quality suppliers, and are sure to last many years! Artificial trees can also come in many different colours, further personalising your Christmas tree to your colour theme. So, you won’t need to worry about throwing anything away once the festive period ends, and you won’t need to worry about any clean up like you would with a real tree – simply store your tree in its original box or use a storage container and pack away as neatly as possible.

Real Christmas Trees

Not only do real Christmas trees give off that wonderful pine smell, but they are also more natural and will create a more authentic Christmas within your household, so you can truly enjoy the magic of Christmas! Christmas trees also have been known to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, making them perfect for those who are more environmentally conscious. If you’ve chosen to have a real tree in your home, you’ll need to know how to properly care for it so that it stays fresh throughout the festive season.

Follow these tips to keep you Christmas tree healthier for longer!

  • - Cut approximately 3cm from the bottom of tree, and then place your tree into a bucket of water so that your tree stays hydrated.
  • - Avoid using soil or sand when standing your tree as this can prevent your tree from absorbing water.
  • - Water everyday for maximum hydration! Your Christmas tree will be able to absorb 1-2 litres of water every day.

Mini Christmas Trees

Mini Christmas trees are perfect for those who do not want to sacrifice household space to have a Christmas tree in their home, and are perfect for bedrooms or office spaces looking to add a dash of Christmas magic. At Hilltop we have a huge range of mini Christmas trees, whether you prefer artificial or real trees – we have them all!