Gazebos are fantastic, aren’t they? Providing us with a shaded area to sit and socialise, or just relax and be at one with nature – without the burning heat of the sun! Gazebos make a great addition to any garden or outside space and can look really stylish too.

5 reasons why you need a gazebo in your life

  1. Multitasking outdoor genius
    One of the best things about a gazebo is how many different purposes they can fill. They truly are multitasking geniuses. They can provide you with relaxing space for that much needed ‘me time’ allowing you to switch off from the busy world. They can also give you the perfect setting for dining or socialising with friends and family. Got a hot tub? Your gazebo is the perfect place for this, giving you privacy from prying eyes and protection from the weather. But that’s not all, if you have a popup gazebo you can take it out with you on picnics, kids’ sports days or anywhere that takes your fancy.
  2. Stylish focal point for your garden
    Gazebos really do look great and can be a fantastic addition to your garden. There are so many different styles of gazebos available, there is certain to be the perfect match for your outside space. Contemporary wooden gazebos, Victorian-style pavilions, functional popup gazebos, whichever style you choose you can be sure that you will be the envy of your neighbourhood!
  3. Easy to maintain
    One of the great benefits of having a gazebo is just how easy they are to maintain. Because they made for the outdoors, no matter what material you choose, they will require very little looking after. If you choose a PVC covered gazebo, they are made to last in all weather conditions, just requiring a, occasional wipe down with water and detergent. Wooden gazebos come ready-treated and will require minimal maintenance once a year to remove mould and mildew and touch up with paint of varnish.
  4. Safe outdoor space for your kids
    In this day and age it can be difficult getting your kids to spend much needed time outdoors. And when you do finally get them outside, you need to make sure they are fully protected from the sun. Stopping a running and bouncing child to top up their sun cream, is no easy task! A gazebo is the perfect solution for these problems. It provides a shaded outdoor space where your kids can play all day long, without having to worry about sun burn.
  5. Not just for the summer
    If you’re thinking ‘what’s the point? Summer days are few and far between in the UK’, then I’ve got news for you – A gazebo is not just for summer. It can be used all year round! You can spend time relaxing or entertaining under your gazebo, no matter what the weather brings. Rain, wind, or snow? No problem. Your gazebo will keep you cosy and dry even during one of our famous British thunder storms. It also means there’s no excuse for your kids not to go and enjoy their garden, no matter what season it is!

So, if you’re a social animal and love entertaining guests, a gazebo needs to be on your wish list. Likewise, if you’re a lone wolf and want relaxing time for yourself, again, a gazebo is exactly what you need. House full of kids and losing your sanity? Get a gazebo and send your kids outside to burn off their energy. A gazebo is so good at some many things, it could be the best purchase you make this year!