Aluminium Garden Furniture

There are all sorts of different types of garden furniture, plastic, wooden, cast iron – so much choice and so little time! But have you considered cast aluminium as your garden furniture material of choice? There are many reasons why cast aluminium could be the perfect choice for you and your garden but, first of all, what exactly is cast aluminium?

What is cast aluminium?

Cast aluminium is often used for furniture, cookware and even automobile parts. It is a type of metal alloy which has gone through a casting process, which makes the metal stronger and more durable. Its strength, durability, low cost and efficiency makes it the perfect material for use in everyday items, from radiators and frying pans to patio sets and tables.

Benefits of cast aluminium

So, why should you choose cast aluminium for your next purchase? Aluminium furniture does have a number of benefits, which could just sway you away from cast iron, wood or plastic. Hey, we’re not taking sides honest!

  1. Light-weight:
    This may seem like a fairly trivial point but wait until it’s time to store your garden furniture away for the winter and you will see the benefits. Cast aluminium furniture is considerably lighter than cast iron, which means it can be placed on your lawn without causing any damage. Being light-weight means you can move it around the garden and away to store without too much difficulty. Although, worth mentioning that it is heavy enough to stay put when the mighty British winds are blowing, so you won’t need to worry about your patio set ending up in your neighbours garden!
  2. Durability:
    One of the key benefits of cast aluminium is that it requires very little maintenance to keep it looking brand spanking new. It is resistant to rust and mould and only needs a wipe down occasionally. Cast iron on the other hand, although can look fantastic, does require waxing to protect from the rain. So, if low maintenance is a key factor for you, cast aluminium could be right up your street!
  3. Variety:
    Cast aluminium furniture comes in a wide variety of styles, colours, sizes and forms, and can suit all tastes. The variety available is one of the major benefits of using this material. Do you like cast-iron Victorian style furniture but don’t want the hassle of maintaining it? Well you can get this style in cast aluminium too. Like contemporary furniture to go with your ultra-modern garden? Look no further cast aluminium can do that too!
  4. Low Cost:
    Cast aluminium is an extremely popular choice for garden furniture and does tend to be cheaper than purchasing traditional cast iron or wrought iron furniture. This is due to the material being more readily available. Due to its popularity, there are loads of different styles of cast aluminium furniture on the market to suit all types of budgets. So, if you want cheap – no problem, but if you want to splash the cash – that’s no problem either!

So, it’s worth giving cast aluminium a chance when you are making your next garden furniture purchase. Low cost, durable, and easy to maintain – it’s the perfect choice for people with busy lives. And with a huge variety of styles and colours now on the market, the perfect aluminium garden furniture for you is now easier than ever to find. So, get hunting!