The Best Garden Furniture Products For Autumn And Winter

I hear that summer is coming to an end, although you wouldn’t think it judging by the lovely September weather we’re enjoying. When the Autumn weather finally does catch up with us, some people (me included) still like to spend time out in the garden. Problem is, most people have to put their finest garden furniture away in storage to keep it protected over the Winter months. So what’s a garden lover to do??

There’s one word I want to share with you – Rattan.

Rattan garden furniture has many fantastic properties and features, but none more so than its strength and durability. This gives it amazing weatherproof properties with the ability to handle wind rain or snow. No matter what the weather, rattan furniture will be ready and waiting to provide you with a comfortable spot to sit down and enjoy the outdoors.

And it just so happens we have some great rattan garden furniture and accessories in our online store!

Rattan Cushion Boxes

First things first… Your rattan furniture will survive the Winter, but your cushions won’t! You’ll need somewhere to store them which will look great in your garden and with quick access to get those cushions out when you need them.

Manhattan Cushion Box:

Manhattan Cushion BoxThe Manhattan Cushion Box is a stylish rattan box perfect for storing and protecting your cushions from the elements. The weave, in shale colour tones, matches Firman’s range of Manhattan garden furniture.

It will look great in your garden and give you easy access to your cushions as and when you need them.

Sandringham Storage Box:

Sandringham Storage BoxThe Sandringham Storage Box is perfect for protecting your cushions from the British weather. The stone weave style is consistent across all Katie Blake’s garden furniture range, and will look fantastic in any garden. Completely waterproof you can be sure your cushions will be well protected for when you need them.

Amalfi Storage Box:

Amalfi Storage BoxLike all of the Amalfi garden furniture range, the Amalfi Storage Box will added luxury and style to your garden. This lightweight and stylish cushion box is completely waterproof, ensuring that your cushions are protected from the elements.

Rattan Bistro Sets

For those of us who like to enjoy the outdoors during Autumn or Winter, a stylish Bistro set can definitely come in handy. Enjoy a glass of wine with a friend, or lunch on the patio, no matter what the season is!

Sandringham Reclining Bistro Set:

Sandringham Reclining Bistro SetThe Sandringham Reclining Bistro Set in Grey is one of our most popular Bistro sets in our catalogue, and it’s no wonder why. The stone weave and taupe cushions make it a stylish and luxurious addition to any outdoor space. As with all rattan furniture It’s weather resistant, lightweight and low maintenance… Oh, and it’s currently on sale at a fantastic price!

Bali Bistro Set:

Bali Bistro SetOr how about the Bali Bistro Set? This set breathes elegance, with its stylish high-back armchairs and natural weave. Perfect for small areas like a patio, decking or balcony. Enjoy the beautiful Autumn sunsets with a glass of wine!

Rattan Dining Sets

There’s nothing quite like eating outside when the Autumn sun is going down. Or, sitting outside watching your kids playing in the snow. I mean let’s face it, you’re going to need somewhere safe to sit while your kids throw snowballs at each other! Rattan dining sets are the perfect accompaniment to your outside space. Providing a place to sit and eat lunch or dinner with friends and family, or to just enjoy a drink on social occasions. We have some fantastic rattan dining sets our customers love. And I’m sure you will too!

Carina Mini Modular:

Carina Mini ModularThe Carina Mini Modular is a fantastic set, large enough to enjoy dinner with friends and family, but petite enough to fit in most gardens. The driftwood coloured weave and light siam wood-effect is elegant and stylish and will look great on your patio, decking or balcony. It’s currently on sale, reduced from £1400 to £1149!

Bari Round 6 Seater Dining Set:

Bari Round 6 Seater Dining SetThe Bari 6 Seater is a fantastic dining set. The traditional round style comes with 6 rattan armchairs and a rust-proof aluminium frame, perfect for all weather. The pewter coloured weave and pistachio cushions look super-stylish and will make a luxurious addition to your garden.

With bonfire night and Halloween just around the corner there are plenty of good reasons to throw a party or social gathering. These rattan garden furniture sets will provide a practical and comfortable place to sit and enjoy the fireworks and Halloween antics, and will also add some style and elegance to your outdoor space. And being completely weather resistant and low maintenance, they will look just as good when next Spring finally comes around!