Metal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture has become an increasingly popular addition to our British gardens. With its range of styles and fantastic durability, it’s no wonder people are choosing metal as the material of choice for their garden attire.

Where does metal garden furniture originate from?

You may be surprised to hear that metal garden furniture is not a new thing. In fact, it has been around since the Victorian times and coincides with the formation of public parks. During this time it was not uncommon to find stylish iron benches to rest your weary legs, or sit and watch the world go by. This trend was carried through to Victorian homes, where you would often find patios and gardens adorned with iron tables and chairs. One problem at the time was that this furniture was susceptible to rust due to the lack of an adequate protective coating, so would often deteriorate in a relatively short space of time. Those poor Victorians must have spent a fortune on replacing their garden furniture! Luckily for us metal garden furniture is far more durable than it used to be and can now be found in a variety of metals.

Metal garden furniture materials

Metal Garden Furniture

So what materials are now used to make metal garden furniture? It is now very common to find garden furniture made with wrought-iron, cast aluminium and stainless steel, and each material has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Wrought-iron is the traditional Victorian style of garden furniture. If you want the vintage, classical look it can be the perfect choice for your garden. It’s worth mentioning that these days you can also find modern, contemporary furniture made with wrought-iron, so it really can suit most garden styles. Be careful where you place wrought-iron furniture though, as it can be really heavy. Your patio or deck will be fine, but it can do some serious damage to your lawn. Rust can also be a problem, so as soon as you see any cracks appearing in the protective finish you will need to touch it up with some paint.

Cast aluminium is a great option for your garden furniture and is now a bigger seller than wrought-iron furniture. It is considerably lighter than wrought-iron, so can be placed anywhere without damaging your garden. It also has the added benefits of being rust resistant, and requires hardly any maintenance to keep it looking in perfect shape for years to come.

Stainless steel garden furniture is not as popular as wrought-iron or cast aluminium, but is on the increase and can often be found in combination with wood or rattan. It is most widely used for modern, contemporary furniture, due to it being clean, bright and shiny. Unlike wrought-iron and cast aluminium, it requires no protective coating whatsoever. It is also completely mould and rust resistant.

The different materials available all have their benefits and their drawbacks. What is right for you and your garden will depend on your own personal taste, your garden style, and your budget. But one thing’s for sure, we’ve never had a better time for metal garden furniture range and style. With so many options available you can be sure to find the perfect choice to match your garden’s personality.