Weave Garden Furniture

Weave (also known as rattan or wicker) furniture has a long and illustrious history. It first hit the shores of Britain and America in the Victorian era, but in fact dates back much further. Developed from the craft of basket weaving, weave or rattan is one of the oldest processes of furniture making. Used by the ancient Egyptians and the Romans, examples have even been found buried with Pharaoh’s belongings in tombs. The Romans, inspired by the Egyptians, integrated the craft of woven furniture into their culture and spread it across the Roman empire.

The popularity of woven furniture continued throughout Europe and Asia during the following centuries. It was common to find wicker furniture in Northern Europe around the 17th century and the following century rattan was introduced to the west from Asia.

Weave garden furniture in the 21st century

In today’s market weave furniture is extremely popular, particularly rattan. Weave Garden furniture can be purchased made from natural rattan or synthetic rattan. But what is the difference? Natural rattan is very strong and durable and looks fantastic, adding a distinctive style to your outside space. Synthetic rattan has been developed by manufacturers to mimic the appearance and style of natural rattan, but is cheaper to build and has added strength and durability. If you’re a traditionalist you may want to opt for natural rattan, but synthetic rattan is also a great choice and can last for many years.

The benefits of weave garden furniture

All types of garden furniture have their own benefits and drawbacks and the perfect material for you will depend on many factors including budget, time and style. But there is a definite case worth putting forward for weave or rattan furniture.

The Benefits of Weave Garden Furniture

  1. It looks great!
    There is no doubt that rattan garden furniture looks deliciously stylish and can be a great addition to any garden. There is a wide variety of weave furniture available to suit all styles and tastes, from traditional to ultra-modern.
  2. Weatherproof
    One of the key benefits of rattan garden furniture is its ability to handle everything the British weather can throw at it. Wind, rain or snow, no problem! Rattan may look delicate, but it’s stronger and more durable than it looks. It can be left out in the garden all year round and still look fantastic when summer comes around again. Oh, and did I mention that rattan is also UV protected, so it won’t fade in the blistering sun.
  3. Comfortable
    If you like to spend a lot of time out in the garden then it is essential to have comfortable furniture to sit on. And if you have guests round to visit, you don’t want them to go home complaining of a stiff back, or sore behind! Well rattan garden furniture has you covered! One of the key benefits of weave furniture is just how comfortable it is, perfectly shaped for lunch, dinner, or to just lounge your days away. All furniture items come with exceptionally comfortable cushions too, so if comforts your thing, you’re onto a winner with rattan!
  4. Lightweight
    Weave or rattan garden furniture is really lightweight, which means you can move it around your garden without breaking a sweat. This is an important factor as, unlike with cast iron or steel furniture, you can move rattan depending on the occasion. Want to have a dinner party in the middle of your freshly mowed lawn? You can with rattan. Oh, and it’s lightweight enough to not damage your lawn – an added bonus!
  5. Affordable
    Affordability is right up there on most peoples’ list of priorities when buying garden furniture and rattan has your covered in that department. Sure, it is definitely possible to splash out on rattan furniture, with some pretty pricey items out there, but there is a wide range available to suit all budgets. If you decide to go with synthetic rattan, then you can make some real cost savings and the great news is, it is even stronger and more durable than natural rattan. And looks great too!

So, there you have it. Weave garden furniture has been around a long time and for good reason. It looks great, lasts for years, low maintenance, strong and durable, and won’t break the bank. There is a wide variety of styles and designs now on the market and with its growing popularity, this is set to continue. So, for your next garden furniture purchase, rattan is worth a look!